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Scarlet, Primavera Waltz

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The nearest outfits collection~

Please call these pictures “No hat no life”…._(:з」∠)_


1&2, hat: Alèthe / scarf: R-SERIES / JSK, bag&shoes: IW / tights: Grimoire / parasol: BSSB.

3, hat: Corgi / blouse: R-SERIES / vest,pants&tights: IW / bag: BSSB

4&5, OP, bag, stockings&shoes: IW / brooch: R-SERIES / parasol: BSSB.

6&7, hat: Burgess Hats’ / blouse&pants: R-SERIES / tails: B.O.Z.

8, hat: Deserve / JSK: R-SERIES / stockings&bag: IW.

9, hat&bolero: R-SERIES / JSK: IW/  parasol: BSSB.

10, Yes! This is a sneak peek of our new design! The whole series will be released between Aug and Sep! Do not miss it then~ :P
hat, eye patch, blouse&vestcoat: R-SERIES , pants: A&P.



Juliette et Justine’s new Fantasy and Castle Dress shown in Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol. 53
From minekonbu


Detail shots :D

-Pizzicato Kei


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My new room is freakin’ sweet, if I do say so myself.


Tea Time Nostalgia

Tea Time Nostalgia

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Oh mY. (From Akira’s twitter)



Dress: JEJ


écailles De LuneThis is my new design, coming soon in this month! 

Photographer: Kid

Model: Kinyo


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。・゜゜・。More cuties from High Tea*。・゜*✧



Mana in GLB Vol. 52

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Midori Fukasawa wearing the new Scarlet OP for BABY’S 4th Annual Tea Party
Photos by John Leigh



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" This style is not influenced by fashion. I hope it's your style, your way of life, no matter what anyone tells you. I want you to love this world for all your life " - Mana様

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